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How to Junk a Car For Cash

How to junk a car? The answer is not that hard to find. Junking cars can be done in many ways, but how you go about it will depend on how much time and money you're willing to spend.

There are four main methods to junk a car:

  • Selling the parts
  • Scrapping the car for metal
  • Selling or trading the automobile
  • Donating the vehicle

Each one has its benefits and drawbacks depending on how much work they require or what types of preferences you have with your car.

Selling the Parts on Your Car

The first how to junk a car solution is buying and selling parts. If you're looking for the easiest way, this is it. You can simply take your vehicle into an auto yard, where they'll pay you cash on the spot for any usable spare or original part that's still intact on the car. 

The only work required from you would be taking apart what needs to be taken apart before coming in with your car, so they know exactly how much money to give you when you come in with it. 

Even if there are no usable parts left, many yards will buy scrap metal as well, which also fetches more money than letting them haul off whatever was leftover of your now scrapped automobile.

Scrapping the Car for Metal

It's easy to junk a car this way, but it will take a lot of time and effort to get the salvageable parts off your vehicle. Sure, you could just call someone over who can do that for you, but then how much are they going to pay? On the other hand, it might be worth more than what an auto yard would offer if any usable scrap metal is left on the car. 

Plus, these yards may not have enough space in their own storage areas, so they really don't want cars sitting around taking up valuable real estate as well - how frustrating!

Selling Or Trading Your Vehicle

The third way to junk a car solution involves selling or trading in your automobile at a used-car dealership specializing in buying new and old vehicles like yours from individuals. You can go online to find how much your car is worth and then negotiate a trade with the dealership. For example, they might offer you cash for it outright, or they may give you what's called an 'on paper' value that would allow them to advertise the vehicle but without any of those messy problems like mileage restrictions or having been involved in a collision.

Donate Your Automobile

There is also the option of donating your automobile. But how do you go about donating it? Many charities specialize in taking donations and then distributing them to various people who need a car - an individual with disabilities, for example. You can check online how much your vehicle is worth and whether or not the charity would be interested in it by filling out their donation form.